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R.I.P Sabine Schmitz

R.I.P Sabine Schmitz 14th May 1969 - 17th March 2021

"Queen of the Nurburgring"

A very talented racing driver and also a brilliant TV presenter on Top Gear also.

Sadly she has been battling cancer since 2017 and taken far too early from us all.

Sabine Schmitz had been mentioned in one breath with the Nürburgring for decades. She was the only woman to win a 24-day race in the Green Hell. Today the motorsport family reaches the sad news that Sabine Schmitz has died after a long battle with cancer.

With her racing assignments with Hannes Scheid in the Eifelblitz, her successes with Frikadelli Racing and as a TV star on "Top Gear" she got the title "Queen of the Nürburgring". Hardly anyone else has driven as many laps on the Nordschleife as Sabine Schmitz, who was born in Nürburg.

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