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About Us

Ford Club GB was founded in June 2017 by RJ. When the club was founded it was felt by RJ that there was a gap in the car scene for a family run Ford club, in the early days of the club starting off in 2017 the club foundations were put in place and staff to help with the running of the club was found.


In 2018 the club began attending events such as Cars in the park, Ford Fair, Bromley Pageant, Ford on the Fairway and Fiesta in the Park. Within the first 17 months the club saw a huge change in staff but this never stopped Ford Club GB from thriving. The club began getting sponsors involved with the club in 2019. The first sponsor was Select Tints based in Bexleyheath. Now in 2022 we stand at 20 sponsors and over 100 companies involved with the club.


In 2017 the club joined the world of Instagram which is currently going well at 6883 followers. On 10th June 2018 the club selling page was created. In 2019 the club started their very own media page on Facebook, Ford Club GB Media Page and we created our very own Twitter in 2019 too. We then made the huge jump for our very own website which launched 4th April 2019. (2019 was a busy year for social media) Then the world of Tik Tok came along and the club started their own in 2020 and then the club VIP page was created on 6th May 2021.


2020 and half way through 2021 was a tough time for Ford Club GB and many clubs a like for show season due to the pandemic but we all carried on and we all are coming back for 2022 in high spirit.


In 2019 and 2021 the club was voted best big club at Pure Ford, Castle Combe Circuit.


Over the last few years the club at events have given out over 40 awards. (Show and shine 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Staff award 1st and 2nd, spirit of the club award. At Ford Fair we have more awards available as this is such a huge event for the club.)

As it stands the club has 5 Facebook groups/pages, YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram, twitter and website.


The club former and present staff and members have all made the club what it is today.



Let's meet the staff that help to run Ford Club GB. Currently there are 9 members of staff that contribute to the daily running of the club, all have various roles and put a lot of time in to make the club what it is today.

I’m  founder of FCGB I run my own online company. I've lost count on the amount of fords i've owned. i founded the club because I felt that there was a need for a club like ours!

Founder & Owner
Senior Admin
Senior Admin

I'm 30 and I own a Ford Focus Estate (Titanium X) which is my 7th ford. To fund my car I'm a senior health care worker. I joined the club because I found it very welcoming and supportive, over the time I have been with the club I have been lucky enough to become staff and I wouldn't call them friends they are my ford family.


My name is Tracey. I drive a Fiesta ST called Fifi. I am a Admin on the club. I joined the club as I have a love of all things Ford and wanted to join a group of like minded people. This club has been so welcoming and I'm really proud to be a part of it.

Liam M

My name is Liam, I am media and moderatoe for the club. I joined the club as I have a huge passion for all things Ford and to be around like minded people. The club is friendly and welcoming for everyone. I love being apart of it and look forward to every event with the club.

Liam A
Head Of Media & Moderator

I'm 27 and own a 2006 Mondeo silver edition. I work in retail. I'm on my 6th car and 3rd ford. I work on the media side which involves taking lots of photos at events and create videos for our YouTube channel. I love this group as every one and there car is welcome and i've meet some amazing people and looking forward to meeting more of you all at future shows.

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