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Finally got around to doing my front Brakes

Wheezy had a service in July and was told front pads and discs will need doing in a couple of months, That was four months ago.

After the front brakes started squeling like a piggy it was time to get them changed, only this time I would try it myself. Having some basic mechanical knowledge and a few youtube videos later I had a good idea of what was invloved having never physically changed brakes before. It was time to order the brakes, I would have loved to have gone full EBC Red pads and EBC grooved discs but settled for Brembo grooved discs and Xtra pads. parts ordered and many hours of the nine to five go past.

The parts have arrived and its finally time to get to the task at hand. Aprehensive at first, but after a few stubborn bolts and a trip a certain car parts shop for extra brake cleaner and a 7mm hex key (on my dads bike as Wheezy was in the air) the job was done. Feeling acomplished it was time to test my handywork, lets just say they work... they work well.

After removing my face from the windscreen, the difference is astonishing. On a serious note the pedal feel has much more bite and after setteling in over 500 miles has way more stopping power over the standard parts. Well chuffed on the outcome.

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Unknown member
Nov 16, 2020

Looking good buddy


Unknown member
Nov 15, 2020

Looks good Bob

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