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Terms and Conditions

Club Membership Members get 10% discount off of all orders above £7.00 . if you country is not listed please let us know so we can add it to the list,

Due to Covid 19 Delivery Times will be later as we have no control over this many thanks. On Average 14 Working days,

there is a no refund or returns or Exchange Policy on decals etc due to poor Application.

Decals have a life span like anything, we wont replace items due to poor fitment /use of jetwash/karchers etc making decal peel/or removing decal from application .

please check the downloads page with help to fit decals . .

How Long Do Decals last

Usually between 6 months and Up

. Why such a long range of performance expectation? Because it DEPENDS on these factors Quality level of vinyl used. Proper prep and application. Placement on the vehicle. Vertical, 10 degrees off vertical, 25–35 degrees off vertical, or horizontal. Vehicle location on the planet. Determines ambient UV exposure. Storage method during daylight hours. Inside, outside, covered, or not. Maintenance protocol. Cleaned often, polished, or not. #1 The quality level of the vinyl determines performance expectation under ideal conditions… which never exist. Warranty is rarely as long as stated performance expectation because warranty takes into consideration the lack of ideal conditions. #2 Proper prep and application is determined by the experience, dedication, competency, and conscientiousness of the installer. #3–5 Placement on the vehicle, vehicle location on the planet, and storage method determines total UV exposure which effects vinyl negatively. #6 Maintenance protocol is the responsibility of the owner. The less maintenance you do, the greater the damage from UV being absorbed rather than reflected. Clean and glossy will usually double vinyl’s life; keeping it vertical and out of the sun can double it again. So back to your question, “How long do vinyl decals last before they start to deteriorate?”… as long as they can based on your choices. how to apply decals

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